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Prabhu SalesManish-Embroidery-Thread

Trilobal Polyester Threads

Manish Trilobal Polyester threads are graced with a diverse lustre and laced with superior durability that makes its smooth operational functionalities easily accessible to its users. The best point of using these threads is that they are abrasion resistant and knotless which makes them an ideal choice for disparate priorities of its customers. It can even be favoured as the best polyester thread for sewing machines.

Global Tex No.DenierPlyNet Weight(gms)LengthPackaging Type
11 100 2 19 700 Tube
11 100 2 50 2000 Y-Cone

Viscose Embroidery Threads

Manish Viscose embroidery threads are a product that stands apart due to its bright lustre and magnificent resistance abrasion. Its smooth feel and sewability into all kinds of fabrics make it a one of a kind product. Its creative application increases the glory of apparel naturally along with being an Oeko-Tex certified Product, the Lustre and 100% artfulness make it a product that makes its users proud.

Global Tex No.DenierPlyNet Weight(gms)LengthPackaging Type
13 120 2 19 700 Tube
17 150 2 19 700 Tube
13 120 2 50 1830 Y-cone
17 150 2 50 1830 Y-cone