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Prabhu Sales


It is obvious to have questions in order to get a better understanding for the knowledge of Prabhu Sales.
Therefore, here are some questions that can aid you well in choosing the best.

Pre-sales Questions

Does Prabhu sales offer a Color card?
We offer more than 700 colors on the card which is always available for our clients as we are proud to show our variegated expertise to you!
Can Prabhu sales provide examples of their expertise in products?
Prabhu sales always works with standard companies who are inclined towards contributing in good faith. Moreover, you will receive production benefits with our quality which will imminently lessen your wastage disposal.
What is the appropriate day and time for a store visit?
Our doors are open to you from 3.00 PM to 6.00PM from Tuesday to Friday of every week.
Are there any trustworthy references on behalf of prabhu sales?
Parth Designer, Siddharth Industry, Sankalp Creation, Swagat Creation and Ekta Embroideries are some of the clients by whom we are praised for with vigour.
What is the criteria for Large scale purchase of prabhu sales?
Prabhu sales enhances your customer experience during large scale purchases by giving you a considerable amount of discount and an assurance of stock that is always available.

Technical Questions

What types of Fibers does Prabhu sales offer?
Prabhu sales extends its expertise to all kinds of fibers.
What are the specific manufacturing capabilities included
in Prabhu sales threads?
Our manufacturing capacity is significantly large to match your requirements anytime you need it. Our technical persons are certified with long experience to excel in providing the best products. The defects on our products are almost non-existent because of the rigorous R&D on completion of each level of production.
Are the Fabrics dyed perfectly?
Our thread is dyed perfectly as its luster shows and the color glows to provide a different effect altogether which shows the perfection in the dyeing process.
How can the shade and length of the thread be considered perfect?
Prabhu sales saves your inspection time by giving you all the details on the packaging itself where the weight of the thread depicts its appropriate length.
Is the product certified by Oeko-tex or any such considerable
Prabhu sales takes pride for its contributions to a healthy world for which it has been certified by Oeko-Tex certification for dyes that are known for being environment friendly.

General Questions

Does Prabhu Sales sell its products to the general public?
We have an inclination to sell our products to companies and specialized persons who look forward to innovative creations and good work. Our products are recognized and admired by people who actually know what prabhu sales are all about.
What types of products does Prabhu Sales manufacture?
We produce all types of textile yarn.
What is the minimum order quantity that can be placed?
We can deliver a minimum of one piece or one box of the product that you require and as your requirements are our foremost priority, there are no specific barriers kept in place for the same.
Does Prabhu sales offer any specific packages to fit customer requirements?
Prabhu sales are considered the best for their acknowledgement of genuine goodwill and thus, they adhere to making anything possible for their clients.
What factors are taken into consideration for pricing of your products?
Our product pricing is based solely on the skill of our extraordinary manufacturing and not on any other reason.

Support Questions

How does Prabhu sales pledge its loyalty to its clientele?
Our clients are our most important entities and therefore we treat them like the kings they are by always maintaining amicable business terms with them. Any mistakes during a business transaction are immediately acknowledged and accepted by our team.
What are the production benefits provided by prabhu sales?
Our production benefits include exclusive production capacity where the operator or the businessmen save an ample amount of time due to the efficiency of our threads to resist breakage.
How can prabhu sales provide development to your business?
Your business is appreciated by us as soon as you become our client and customer satisfaction is our sole motto. We build an alliance that would in turn benefit your business profit ratio in a noticeable way.
Does prabhu sales adhere to fast delivery?
Customized products are our specialty and Fast deliveries as per customer requirements are conveyed within 4-5 days.
What can be said about our transfer experience under the scope?
Prabhu sales are always a step ahead in identifying and acknowledging customer needs according to the fast moving trends and this is possible due to our experience of 16 years which is an added plus for our clients.