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Our Features

Prabhu Sales is nothing but a rich heritage of products for 16 years. We ensure a wide range of threads with enticing colors that will always keep your eyes in the loop. They are formulated with the utmost care and attention to detail, to provide the best stitching pleasure. To put simply, we know how the difference between cotton and polyester thread affect businesses, and we enact the exact actions needed to always smoothen out our customer experiences.

Efficient Sewability

Our threads meet all the technical functionalities needed to produce the desired seam. The required aesthetics and serviceability are the main reasons for its success. It has an insightful impact on your seam quality and production costs. We have been cotton thread suppliers and cotton thread manufacturers since a significant amount of time due to these undeniable reason!

Color Fastness

Our threads are remarkably known for their retainance of color in both woven and non-woven fabrics throughout the life of the garment and thus, never change color. Also, it does not stain any material that is together with the seam and is appreciated for this quality.

Breaching Strength

Our threads are never ruptured during use in hand embroidery or machine embroidery and are known for withstanding all lateral movements during sewing. Despite the influence of heat, bending, pressures, and force the threads retain their breaking strength to the best and as a result, our cone of threads are always appreciated.


Prabhu SalesOur Vision

Prabhu Sales sees itself as a renowned thread provider that doesn’t break their clientele’s bank along with giving products that are lustrous to touch and easy on the eyes! We have been startling businesses to their core with our integrity and a wide variety of products and envision ourselves to be a premium worldwide yarn manufacturer! Embroidery is intricate and so is our vision, which deems us trustworthy to the core.

Prabhu SalesOur Mission

The Ultimate motto of Prabhu sales is to weave unbreakable relations with their customers with Smart team Efforts and an insatiable hunger for the happiness of our Esteemed Clientele. Prabhu sales aim to specialize in its ability to solve frictions between threads as well as client services and to become a significant player in the world market and raise the bar for the fashion industry by providing quality-driven innovative yarn.


Limitless Creative Ideas

Prabhu Sales leads the way after when it comes to innovation. Our threads and our development based on research are both elastic, adhering to beautiful alliances between quality and creativity. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in this field make our products a joy to stitch with! We have pioneered our way into the field with resilient efforts and a uniqueness that is stretched to the limit.

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