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Prabhu sales have been furbishing the world with Beautiful lengths of thread that make all the difference!

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Prabhu sales have been furbishing the world with Beautiful lengths of thread that make all the difference! Since three Decades, it has been adorning many Embroidery units and apparel makers with their best embroidery thread and unique qualities.

Prabhu Sales

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Best embroidery thread for clothes, with cultivated qualities is created by Prabhu Sales that bring out all the fashionable Qualities wherever they are sewn into. Our business with more than 120 clients is proof of how a best quality thread can tie happy and beneficial relationships!

We are adamant about our inclination for Eco-friendly and best quality embroidery thread which are free from AZO dyes and other well-known Carcinogens.

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Prime Standards

Our unrivaled standards and easy application to all kinds of Fabric have put us high up the Ladder!

Always Accessible

Our Products are available forever for those who want a nice Pop and undivided attention.

Modernistic Colors

Our colors and usage of best yarn for embroidery help you set the trend with high Sheen on your Personality!

Illuminating Luster

Prabhu sales aims at giving a pearly Finish to you with its lustrous threads.

Eco-Friendly Threads

Our products are immaculately free from harmful AZO dyes and other well-known carcinogens, resulting into perfect products for embroidery kits.

Punctual Portage

Prabhu Sales is dedicated to punctual Delivery for its customer’s requirements which is indeed an inspirational Call-to-Action, whether it’s an in-house requirement or orders for embroidery threads online.


Our Products

STEPSOur Process

  • Idea
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Result
Embroidery has been the most widespread craft to help develop a beautiful sense of Design, Texture, and sense. Prabhu Sales does nothing but transfer your imagination of Colors into a compelling reality. Our Products merge seamlessly as a natural component of society. Prabhu Sales have developed numerous Ideas and thoughts about colors while breaking the boundaries that chain the color patterns. Embroidery threads are a means to fix a garment but here, they believe that these threads sew a complete personality of an individual.
Designing is a process that takes various degrees of attention to detail that makes the outcome as ravishing as it should be. Prabhu Sales has a penchant for delighting your muse with endless ideas that sparkle with creativity. Prabhu Sales makes threads in India with which Apparels would have a certain ethnic identity on them. In a Nutshell, our different embroidery threads add the texture, dimension, and the desired richness of the countless colors.
The Ideas and the designs fell into place, now comes the part where they become a reality in the world. As the threads are to be sewn into apparels they are carefully tested to avoid garment issues. They are specifically developed for industrial sewing machines. Our threads are developed to reduce the friction and the abrasiveness during high-speed sewing. Our manufacturing is such that the lubricants used in the thread will not stain the fabric. It is tightly controlled to allow good performance, superb quality, and minimized risk of stains.
Countless Endeavors Later, Our final outcome comes into the light. The Threads that we produce have a life-like beauty and partners with garments beautifully. Our shades card is a veritable proof of the same. The versatile colors and diverse flair adds to the quality in an awesome way. A touchable texture is specialized with multiple layers to maintain the embroidery thread’s luster. Thus, it’s no surprise that the result of all those efforts, thoughts, and a sense of unique creativity would build something royal!

Worldwide We Manufacture & Export

Prabhu Sales

Manish Viscose Embroidery

These threads are known worldwide for their soft sheen and their silk-like appearance which build the best viscose fabric. Prabhu Sales’ rayon viscose threads have a long presence in the embroidery market with their quality as the best commercial embroidery threads. We even have Cotton Polyester threads available!

Prabhu Sales

Bandhu Embroidery Thread

These yarn threads have made their mark as best polyester thread for sewing with the appearance of rayon or silk but the benefits of polyester material. We craft the blend of perfection and innovation in them to represent infinite beauty in best polyester threads.

Prabhu Sales

Surya Super Thread

Surya super thread and cotton, for sewing allows the dye to sit deep within while increasing the luster and strengthening the thread. Prabhu sales allow you to have a unique sense of richness that inhibits in your life.

Invisible Threads make the most beautiful ties, and we make the ones that can be seen!

What Are Prabhu Sales?

Prabhu Sales creates excellent threads that define the dimensions and bring the flair of embroidered beauty, keeping in mind the differences between embroidery and sewing threads to provide the best outcomes.

What We Do?

Taking the threads to the next level to level up with Gorgeous and sophisticated embroidery, to elevate our level to be the best embroidery thread company in India.




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